You're so money and you don't even know it.

Writing about yourself on your own blog. Might as well just admit I'm a full-blown narcissist right now.

No but seriously, I'm Mike Majlak, better known as @heybigmike on Instagram. I'm a 32 and long-term super single guy (I'd say by choice, but that's what people who aren't single by choice probably say) living in South Norwalk, CT but more than likely traveling as you read this.

I manage social media, PR, and partnerships for the hottest furniture brand in the entire world (unbiased) @lovesac. In my spare time, I take pictures. Pictures of food. Pictures of people. I've even taken pictures of other pictures.

Anyways, I needed a longer form place to do what I really love, which is write. I hope you find some level of enjoyment in what you see here. Feel free to reach out if you're ever in the area and let's snag a drink and a Belgian pretzel with beer cheese sauce on the side.

Alright that was super specific and kinda weird.